Broadway Comedy Club Radio

Broadway Comedy Club Radio is a clearly above average podcast featuring celebrity interviews and news from the NYC stand-up comedy world. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, and Mike Hollan.

Ross Mark, former Tonight Show co-producer and current NatGeo talent producer, stops by to chat about all things television. Thoughtful insights and amazing stories from one man who's seen it all on this can't-miss episode!

The iconic Stuttering John Melendez joins the guys to dish the dirt on everything from Howard Stern to Chelsea Handler. Lots of great behind-the-scenes stories in this no-holds-barred episode! With Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher 

Hilarious, intelligent, kind, and talented trans comedian Julia Scotti joins the guys to discuss her success on NBC's America's Got Talent, why she took ten years off from comedy, and why there's no stand-up comedians' union! Must hear episode with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Jay Frank

Brian Scolaro is a hilarious comedian and talented actor who's been featured on Dexter, Mad Men, Shameless, Comedy Central Presents, and Conan on TBS. He stopped by to talk show biz with Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher in this super fun episode!

Who you gonna call? Comedian-turned-ghostbuster Ron Yacovetti stops by to talk about some unexplained paranormal activity. Don't listen to this spooky episode alone! with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Jay Frank

Christopher Roach joins the guys to talk about Long Island comedy with Ray Romano, Kevin James, and so many others. Some incredible stories from a very funny guy! with Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher

Angel Salazar stops by to entertain us as only he can! Check it out!!! with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Jay Frank

Sal Scognamillo, owner of the legendary NYC restaurant Patsy's, stops by to reminisce about Frank Sinatra, the Yankees, and of course, food! Delicious episode here with some great stories from a man who's seen it all.

Bobby Funaro, who Eugene from The Sopranos, joins Clayton to discuss his acting career, his relationship with the late James Gandolfini, and of course, spaghetti sauce! 

Comedian and NYC mayoral candidate Stacey Prussman joins the guys to discuss politics, sex, and of course, comedy!  with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Jay Frank




Comedy club owners unite! Dani Zoldan, co-owner of Stand Up New York, joins the guys to discuss fighting the good fight. Joining forces to bring live comedy back to New York City before we all die! With Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher 

Screenwriter, director, producer, and all-around player Joe Benedetto joins the guys to discuss why he wants to turn Al Martin's life into a movie! Follow on Twitter @claytoncomic

Ophira Eisenberg, host of Ask Me Another on NPR, joins the guys to discuss all the different lives she's led! This episode will answer all your questions about the life of a multi-talented performer, but you'll still want to ask one more.

Peter Gaudio and Joe D'Onofrio have appeared in countless films and TV shows including Goodfellas, Bronx Tale, and Gravesend. They're also both really freakin' funny, fuhgeddaboudit!!! with Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher

Kevin Downey, Jr., hilarious headliner who was in Washington, DC for the storming of the Capitol Building, joins the guys to discuss being a conservative in the ultra-liberal world of entertainment.

After a two-year break from podcasting, Al and Clayton are back. James Altucher, the man who first declared "New York Is Dead," joins the guys to discuss comedy in the golden age of Zoom and rooftops. It's great to be back! With producer Jay Frank and co-hosts Al Martin and Clayton Fletcher

Happy Holidays! Talking to comedians and other cognoscenti who showed up for our annual Holiday Party. Drinks, jokes, and merriment with famous and soon-to-be famous mirth makers highlight this episode. Featuring Clayton Fletcher, Al Martin, Mike Vecchione, Subhah Agrawal, Dustin Chafin, and more. 

Podcast favorite Pat Dixon rejoins the program! With Clayton out of town, Al welcomes professional comedian and New York City Crime Report host Pat Dixon into the Cadillac SUV. The two discuss a wide range of topics including comedy club politics, actual politics, and food!  With Pat Dixon, Al Martin 

Al and Clayton chat with beautiful and enticing Australian model/weathergirl Sydney Sparks, who recently arrived in America. Topics include Trump, kangaroos, and the Gone Girls podcast, of which Sydney seems to be a huge fan.

Alli Breen stops by the club to share stories from her recent trip overseas entertaining the troops. Also discussed are Louis C.K. and Gevalia Coffee!