Broadway Comedy Club Radio

Broadway Comedy Club Radio is a clearly above average podcast featuring celebrity interviews and news from the NYC stand-up comedy world. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, and Mike Hollan.

Joe DeVito (Late Show, Chelsea Lately) tells us about working on “Red Eye” for Fox News, and why he feels he’s closer to the starting line than the finish line in comedy.  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, George Diaz

Pat Dixon returns to catch us up on all the latest in NYC crime and what’s so funny about that! Check out his groundbreaking series, “New York City Crime Report” on Compound Media. With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, and George Diaz

Al Martin gets political about the politics of comedy and the politics of politics! Why “themed” comedy shows are on the decline and what it means to be a part of the problem. With Clayton Fletcher and George Diaz

Jamie Roberts stops by our brand new podcast studio to talk about Sunday Night Live and Dave Chappelle’s new special. With Felicia Madison, Clayton Fletcher, and George Diaz

With no “special guest” in sight, the guys discover that one of the best subjects for an interview is right under their noses, the one and only Al Martin! Incredible, fascinating story of Al’s life before comedy and how he became a club owner. This is a MUST HEAR episode. Enjoy!  With Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi, Al Martin


The one and only Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling joins us and puts Al on the spot about a show he wants to do at Broadway Comedy Club. Meanwhile, Clayton has trouble pronouncing “Martling” and Adam is lost. Mayhem ensues on this episode. Will control ever be restored???   with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi

Carmen Lynch is funny, beautiful, Spanish, tall, and opinionated. The two-time Letterman guest shares her thoughts on travel, life, lips, and why IMDB gets everything wrong!  with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi



Sarah Silverman apologizes to Al, who is ready to put this behind him (once all the publicity dries up, that is). Then we talk to Eric Hanson about working on daytime talk shows, producing comedy festivals, and why having hair is overrated. With Al Martin, Adam Lucidi

Sarah Silverman talks trash about Al Martin, and he fires back with some sharp comments of his own. Meanwhile, hilarious comedian/impressionist/screenwriter/attorney J-L Cauvin is all over the business of show, without ever making a dime of course!  with Adam Lucidi, Clayton Fletcher

Back in October, we had a sexy conversation with the inimitable Marina Franklin. Listen here and get turned on!  And we’ll have a hot new episode for you all next week too.   with Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher

Back in May of 2011, we interviewed the one and only Amy Schumer, who has a new movie coming out this summer called Trainwreck. Listen to the interview here and then check out Trainwreck in theatres this summer.  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Dylan Drazen

Carole Montgomery joins us to discuss her stint in the topless revue Crazy Girls in Las Vegas, why there are 56+ gender distinctions on Facebook, and how she got the official title National Mom.  with Adam Lucidi, Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher

Laurie Kilmartin stops by to chat about being a staff writer for Conan, balancing motherhood and a comedy career, and why she live tweeted her father’s death. Hilarious, insightful, and brilliant episode!  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher, Adam Lucidi

Michael Somerville stops by to chat about working with David Letterman, playing Vegas with Brad Garrett, and why Yelp! is ruining America.  With Al Martin, Clayton Fletcher

Abbi Crutchfield joins us to talk about her new gig at, and even dishes some celebrity dirt. Plus, what’s it like to be the face of AIDS?  More on Bill Cosby, SNL, and why Krispy Kreme is racist.  With Adam Lucidi, Clayton Fletcher, Abbi Crutchfield

Jim Dailakis compares notes with Clayton about his native Australia and shows off some of his 45+ impressions!  With Adam Lucidi, Clayton Fletcher

Jerry Shack joins us to talk about the new crop of young comedians. Thoughts on entitlement, instant gratification, and the fact that Jerry used to walk 83 miles to school in the freezing cold with no shoes uphill both ways, and he NEVER complained.    with Al Martin, Adam Lucidi

Kevin Bartini, warmup comic for The Daily Show and Colbert Report, stops by to talk about his new gig in the old digs working for Larry Wilmore’s The Nightly Show. Plus, thoughts on the Super Bowl and why every comedian should get into hosting. With Al Martin, Adam Lucidi

Sue Costello joins us and hints at a BIG new gig in her future. Plus, ridiculous celebrity new year’s resolutions, the Women in Comedy Festival, and so much more! With Al Martin, Adam Lucidi, and Sue Costello

Rick Younger becomes our first-ever two-time guest when stops by to TELL ALL about marriage, his new film Geezers, and Bill Cosby.